I’ve had a couple people ask me about my process so I thought I’d do a little process post for my latest doodle!

First I usually always start out with a preliminary drawing in my sketchbook

I’ll scan that drawing into photoshop, turn town the opacity to around 15% and just start going piece by piece with the painting on separate layers. With a more complicated piece I will rough in colors on a layer just to plan it out, but with a simpler piece like this I’ll just wing it as I go. Using a selection of pre-established color palettes helps this process a lot! I primarily use Kyle brushes these days, they’re pretty super! The gouache set is my current fav but I highly recommend spending some quality time playing with all the brushes you can get your hands on to see what works for you.


Once I get all the bits in place I’ll have something that looks like this

Then comes my favorite part, textures! I have a folder full of textures that I’ve hand painted and scanned at a super high resolution. This part is super fun to play with, I’ll usually set the texture layer to overlay at varying opacities. You can even use clipping masks with your texture layers to apply special textures in only certain areas – like I’ve done with the hair in this piece. Play with it, and have fun!