Summer Selfie

Sneak peek at a small part of a spread I’m contributing to a summer zine project called “Girls Who Eat.” All proceeds from the sale of this zine will go towards ProjectHeal, a non-profit organization that specializes in the rehabilitation of people with eating disorders as well as community education for high school and college-aged people. As of today the project has exceeded it’s funding goals on kickstarter! Stay posted for info on the upcoming show of all the contributed work at Sketchpad Gallery in SF. All the artists are awesome women illustrators who love food, check it out!! Girls Who Eat


Society of Illustrators

13198455_10101852284324278_8355392619434494564_oHad an amazing time visiting my winning piece at the Society of Illustrators in New York last weekend! It was such an honor to be selected out of so many deserving artists. The reception was an absolutely humbling experience, so much talent packed into that small space. I was posing awkwardly next to my piece for a photo when someone interrupted to congratulate me, catching what is probably my most genuine smile ever captured on camera! Then I joked that I must be a real artist now, since my name tag said so 🙂



SOI Competition

So, yesterday I found out that this piece was accepted into a Society of Illustrators competition exhibition!!! It will be up in the SOI Gallery in New York from May 10 – June 4. If you don’t know about this competition, I was one of 200 chosen out of nearly 8,000 entries! It’s a huge honor, I’m still wrapping my brain around it…